Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Put to the Test in a Live Engine Teardown

On November 7, 2013, we put the protection and performance of Mobil 1™ advanced fully synthetic motor oil to the test by grabbing a real Las Vegas cab off the streets and tore down its engine with the cameras rolling. Filming at the Lucky Cab garage with host Marty Smith, we deconstructed a Chevrolet Impala engine that ran for 120,079 miles as one of the taxis in Lucky Cab's fleet.

The detailed breakdown of the broadcast, which featured the perspective of third-party lubricant technology expert Michael Pansza, gave the audience an intimate peek into how fully synthetic motor oil can truly benefit and extend the life of an engine.

Vehicles in Las Vegas face some of the harshest climate conditions anywhere. The combination of extremely high heat in the summer and near-freezing temperatures in the winter put significant pressure on motor oils to provide protection in the most grueling of circumstances. Paired with the stop-and-go traffic and constant running that a taxi cab engine endures, there are few vehicles that are put through more of a grind than Lucky Cab taxis.

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