15,000-mile Oil Changes with Mobil 1 Extended Performance


This retired police car has gone 90,000 hard miles and has been through it all. But with the help of Mobil 1™ keeping the engine running like new, a mechanic gives this cruiser new life and transforms it into a taxicab. And he expects her to run for another 300,000 miles. Watch how Mobil 1™ Extended Performance will help keep your engine running like new.

Protect your ride with Mobil 1™ Extended Performance, our proprietary top-of-the-line synthetic oil designed to keep your engine running like new even during today's longer service intervals.

Mobil 1 Extended Performance has an even more robust formula that has been proven in extensive field tests to help protect critical engine parts for up to 15,000 miles between oil changes*. It's our most advanced fully synthetic formulation and offers outstanding all-around protection that outperforms our conventional oils, synthetic blends and regular full-synthetic motor oils. 

Suitable for cars, vans and light trucks, Mobil 1 Extended Performance meets or exceeds the latest industry requirements in key performance areas, including wear protection, engine cleanliness, and high- and low-temperature protection. 

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*See warranty details for more information. 

Disclaimer: These claims relate to all typical consumer driving conditions, excluding those mentioned below. In other words, if you drive under normal conditions and use Mobil 1™ Extended Performance synthetic oil in your vehicle, the oil is guaranteed to protect your engine for 15,000 miles. We also recommend that drivers consult their owner's manual while their vehicle is under warranty, and follow the guidelines set forth there. Additionally, we recommend that if consumers drive routinely in severe conditions that they follow the oil change interval recommended in their owner's manual for severe conditions. We define "severe conditions" as: 

1.racing or commercial applications; 

2.frequent towing or hauling; 

3.extremely dusty or dirty conditions; or 

4.excessive idling.