Streamline Your Life with These 5 Simple Upgrades

Time is our most valuable asset – from big, special occasions to small, everyday moments, we are constantly looking for ways to make every second count. The challenge, however, is that we’re in constant go-mode, juggling our demanding careers with our equally intense home lives. We strive to ‘have it all’ – and we love what we do – but life often moves faster than we can handle. 

If we could buy more time to soak up the sun on a well-deserved vacation or give ourselves an extra hour in the day, we would. But we can’t. 

Instead, we have to make more out of the moments that we already have – our morning commutes, our time at the gym, our business trips and even mealtimes with our families. These are the everyday events that we rarely think about – but they’re incredibly essential to living happily. Here are five life upgrades to help you get more out of your time, be it productivity or enjoyment:  

1. Your headphones 

Are you still working out and running around town with your $15 ear buds? After a while, your ears can feel sore from poor fit. The sound quality likely isn’t great and you probably hear a lot of background noise. 

You may not realize it, but an upgrade would truly amplify your routine – and make your listening experience much better. Consider buying earphones, which rest further in your ear canal than ear buds, better maintaining the integrity of the audio. They are also generally more comfortable. A pair of wireless headphones is another option, one that saves you from having to deal with pesky cables. There are also noise-canceling headphones, which allow you to enjoy your music at a lower volume and filter out street sounds and background noise. 

Depending on what you care most about in enjoying music, especially on the go, there are lots of options to improve your experience. A small upgrade is also likely to last longer. 

2. Online shipping

When you buy something online, you want to enjoy it immediately. But you have to wait – and with most shipping schedules, that wait time means 5-7 days. Consider online retailers who offer free, overnight shipping and have an easy return policy. Even if you have to pay a membership fee, the long-term benefit will likely exceed the cost, and you may also get access to additional perks that you may not already know about – like sharing shipping benefits.

Why wait to enjoy your stuff? Give yourself a few more days of happiness – you work hard and deserve it.

3. A credit card with perks

Between running errands, lunch breaks and hanging out with your family; your credit card has quickly become a staple. Why not choose one that automatically rewards you for using it?

Without requiring extra brainpower from you, credit card companies are offering flexible options for accruing points that are right for you. Using your points, you can shop with brands that you already love, receive discounts and deals and even have access to special, members-only events and experiences. 

The beauty of a great credit card is that you reward yourself without even thinking about it – it’s a natural part of your everyday routine. Why not sign up for the best rewards program out there? It will pay for itself.

4. Frequent flyer programs

Between your work and family lives, you’re always on the go – and often flying to get where you need to be. That’s why it’s so important to enroll in a frequent flyer program.  

Get amazing upgrades when you least expect it – free flights, added legroom, priority boarding and a concierge service.

For frequent travelers, this upgrade is a must – as you’re probably well aware, traveling is exhausting and stressful. Why put yourself through the hassle? Live simpler, and enjoy every moment.

5. A Premium Truck 

Commuting can feel like a chore. A vehicle can be more, however, than something to simply transport you from place to place.  The small details – a smooth ride, great sound and impeccably comfortable seats – can transform your every day drive into a more enjoyable experience. 

It’s this mindset that inspired the 2014 Sierra Denali – a pickup that’s designed to raise the bar of your standard driving experience.

You can build and price your own – with premium features like headed and cooled driver and front passenger seats, Bose® 7-speaker audio system with a subwoofer and a customizable driver display that enables you to stay connected to your truck and your world. 

Here’s to making the most of your moments. 

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