Road Trips To Inspire 7 Different Emotions



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 America—The Land of the Free, the land of beautiful destinations and amazing vistas.  With so many diverse landscapes across the country, taking a road trip is a great way to experience these sites.  From deserts to oceans, forests and mountains; some places are indescribable, yet the colors can inspire a different type of self-discovery.  So take a drive across the color spectrum, and embrace the excitement of adventure.  


Red Rock Scenic Byway, Arizona

The energy of the deep red sandstone rock penetrates the mind, body and soul as the car speeds along the desert road.  Feel the heat and sense the natural wonder of this unique landscape punctuated by prehistoric rock.  Continue driving the “All-American Road” and you will reach the town of Sedona, where cafés and local shops are set within the geo-paradise.    


The Big Island Loop, Hawaii

Feel enthusiasm and a lively buzz as you drive this tropical and colorful road.  Along the way, active volcanoes and tropical rainforests allow for impressive hiking and biking trails, where native wildlife sing in the background.


Joshua Tree, California

Desert sun, epic rock formations and oddly shaped native plants invoke feelings of ecstasy and serenity.  Rock climb, hike or camp under the sandy desert moon and enjoy the fun of the landscape’s pastoral playground.  


Beartooth Highway, Montana

Feel the fresh air of pine forests as you cruise this epic road, where glacial lakes and mountainous peaks inspire emotions of harmony and awe.  Not only does the road feature breathtaking vistas, but keep driving and you hit Yellowstone National Park, where animal gazing, hiking and fishing are all enjoyable activities.  


The Pacific Coast Highway, California

Drive along this coastal highway and feel a sense of truth as the ocean air and open road become your paradise.  Winding through the bluffs with nothing but blue sky and tidal sea in the background, feel calm, focused and at peace.  Stop at some of California’s popular beach locales like Malibu or Big Sur to get a full sense of the laid-back Cali vibe.   


Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Experience a taste of chateau country as you drive the narrow, twisting road, peppered with wildflowers.  With the deep blue river on the border, the place once designated for American aristocracy invokes a sense of tranquility and curiosity.   

Enjoy the gardens, museums and river walks along the way.  


Route 66, From Chicago to Los Angeles

Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets! This famous 2,400-mile drive from Chi town to Santa Monica weaves through the great American landscape, where sunsets of all sorts are in plain sight. As you take the road from state to state, meeting interesting folks along the way, you are invoked with a sense of wisdom.  By the end of the trip, you have learned new things and seen a new perspective. 

A road trip in Infiniti’s new Q70L is the perfect way to ignite your senses and experience the colors and emotions of America’s landscapes. And when you arrive home, you’ll feel like a new person.