360-Degree Vision: What Will You See?



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Deciding on travel destinations can be a challenge.  When planning, travelers often consider the possibilities of visiting popular tourist destinations to check them off their bucket lists. Images of the Taj Mahal in India, the Eiffel Tower in France, and Peru’s Machu Picchu are all too common.  However beautiful and noteworthy these monuments of history may be, their common depiction can also confine us to just one perspective. But today travelers have the ability to look beyond the periphery, with a 360-degree to see what others may miss.

Giroptic, maker of the first 360-degree camera, along with Infiniti, challenge travelers to look past their blind spots, to take new perspectives on their experiences, and perhaps to glimpse moments never experienced before.

The story beyond the scenes: 


Travelers visiting the Taj Mahal will stand before a grand white, architecturally sound palace that stirs up feelings of true beauty.  Although one of the top tourist destinations in India, think about the 360- degree perspective and explore what else is out there.  

Here are other attractions can you see nearby in the city of Agra:  

For those who enjoy architecture, Agra Fort is made up entirely of red sandstone.  Manicured gardens and a fascinating history make this place a must see.  

Or, to really get a full view of the landscape, book an “air safari” which is perfect for your inner adventure-seeker—talk about 360-degree experience!


Famous for many historic attractions, Paris is also filled with crowds. Long lines to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and bumping elbows in the Notre Dame can skew our idea of its beauty.  But take a full circle perspective and let’s explore what other sights to see.


For those whose heart was set on seeing the Louvre, consider exploring the Rodin Museum to see his famous sculpture, The Thinker. The outside attraction has a nice garden and lacks the claustrophobic feeling akin to trying to see the Mona Lisa.  

For a 360- degree view of the city that doesn’t involve waiting in line to climb to the Eiffel Tower, discover Printemps department store’s rooftop café, which has spectacular views of the city.  


Thinking about visiting Machu Picchu? Try getting a photo without thousands of tourists in the background—an almost impossible feat.  But that doesn’t mean there are not equally impressive ruins in the old Incan landscape.  Discover these Inca trail alternatives:  

The ancient ruins at Choquequirao are akin to Machu Picchu without tourists overtaking the sublime scenery. Llactapata is not only beautiful itself, but visitors can also enjoy a 360-degree view of Machu Picchu, where the two locations were interconnected networks during the Incan empire; or adventure along Camino Salkantay, in which hikers climb over 15,000 feet high at times, while experiencing breathtaking, awe-inspiring views.  

360-Degree View

With so much to see around the world, it is important to consider all travel locales and possibilities.  Thanks to Giroptic 360-degree camera, travelers can now see it all.  So when Giroptic teamed up with Infiniti to launch the new Q70L, travel, adventure and an all-encompassing view of the world came together (see the video for more details). 

Uncover those blind-spots, and you’ll truly discover the world.