How Each Battle Went Down at Formula Drift:Texas

The Showdown at Texas Motor Speedway played out like an old Western movie with a plot twist. As the last race before the finals, tensions were high in Texas as all 32 drivers went to battle, guns blazing for a spot on the podium.

Another podium here at Round 6 and Chris Forsberg would secure the 2014 Formula Drift Championship…but does he?
Find out how it all played out at The Showdown Formula Drift Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway.

Nitto Top 4

From 16, there were 4 drivers remaining and only 3 spots on the podium. The first battle in the Nitto Top 4 were Forrest Wang and Odi Bakchis.

Forrest Wang vs. Odi Bakchis

Wang Lead: Not missing a beat, Wang hung it out early and used every bit of pavement in his attack. Bakchis was killing it and did not give an inch, maintained proximity, and looked somehow attached to Wang’s car as the two rotated in unison like ice dancers.

Bakchis Lead: This was a carbon copy of the first pass with the cars playing opposite roles. 2 OMT-1 Bakchis.

OMT Wang Lead: As if fired from a canon Wang got out front early, initiated aggressively, and went wide and hard in the troublesome outer clipping zones. Bakchis did not use the full width of the pavement and his shallow drift cost him points.

Bakchis Lead: Bakchis recovered and laid down the law with a tantalizing run that dominated Wang like the Seahawks dominated the Broncos in Super Bowl 48. Wang, like earlier in the event, did not seem to fully engage and it cost him. Bakchis moves into the money round.

Chris Forsberg Vs. Fredric Aasbo

This was a pivotal showdown of the two remaining title contenders. Forsberg could secure the 2014 Championship if he wins this battle.

Forsberg Lead: Forsberg got away quick, showed more angle, and had a good advantage in the contest.

Aasbo Lead: The two crashed in the middle section of the course. It was ruled Forsberg’s fault so Aasbo advanced, but many questioned whether his Scion tC would be race-ready for the finals.

GoPro Final

Aasbo was 2-0 versus Bakchis but would his car be at 100 percent?

Bakchis Lead: Picking up where he left off, Bakchis nailed it. He made his best pass of the weekend, showing big angle and hitting those tough outer clipping points like a champ. Aasbo with one headlight, no bumper, and a crinkled fender was not in the picture really, unable to pressure Bakchis.

Aasbo Lead: Bakchis seemed to pressure himself and he blinked in the middle section of the course as his car and his chance at the win slowly spun out from reach. Aasbo pulls it off and wins at Texas, tightening the championship points as the series heads to the 2014 finale at Irwindale.

Fredric Aasbo, your Formula Drift 2014 Showdown Champ! This is Aasbo’s second 1st place win this season. Odi Bachkis takes 2nd place in his 2nd podium finish of his career and Forest Wang fills up the 3rd spot at the podium, leaving no room for points leader Chris Forsberg who has had a podium finish at every round this year.

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