Reconnect with life: Brookline Hearing Services helps those with hearing difficulties

Are you tired of straining to hear conversations and feeling disconnected from life because of hearing loss? Doing something about this is an excellent investment in yourself and your relationships with your loved ones. Brookline Hearing Services is a local, family-owned company that will walk you through the entire process and help restore your ability to communicate and engage in life again. The company prides itself on excellent customer service, top-of-the-line products and a family atmosphere.

“We are family owned. We’re a mother and daughter team, which is incredibly unusual in this business,” Suzanne Arick Rakov said. “We offer all brands, all services and we take care of our patients. They appreciate us and send their friends to us. We’re very customer service oriented. We want to make sure people are happy with our services. The patient/provider relationship is our top priority.”

The business is owned by Rakov and her mother, Judith Arick, who has worked in the auditory field for 40 years and holds a doctorate in audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences. Jenna Karcher, an audiologist who holds a doctorate in audiology from the University of Connecticut, also works at Brookline Hearing Services. Rounding out the employee roster is Judith’s husband, who works as a part-time secretary in their practice.

So what exactly do the folks at Brookline Hearing Services do? They offer a full range of audiology services ranging from consultations about hearing loss, hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, cleanings and services. Theirs is an independent company not tied to a particular manufacturer. They offer products from such top-notch companies as Widex, Oticon, Phonak Hearing Systems, GN ReSound, Signia (formerly Siemens) Hearing Instruments and Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Arick founded the company in 1983 along with Judith Chasin.

“They worked very hard, and the business has been successful,” Rakov, Arick’s daughter, said. “There used to be such a stigma attached to hearing aids. Now the technology is unbelievably good. Most hearing loss is treatable. We are very honest with people. If they’re not a candidate for hearing aids, we tell them. After patients are fit with their hearing aids, they have a free 30-day trial period. That’s part of our service. Our reputation is very good. We look at the whole person. We look at their age, manual dexterity and their lifestyle. We do have some young people as patients and also people in their 90s. One patient was 104! We look at who the person is. Different brands of hearing aids do different things. There are some hearing aids that can connect to your iPhone. All brands utilize wireless technology. Something new we will be offering is hearing aids that don’t need battery changing.”

If you just can’t stand your hearing loss another day, call Brookline Hearing Services. The process starts with a consultation about your lifestyle and hearing difficulties. Arick, Karcher or Rakov then make suggestions about which hearing aids will work best for you. Next you will be fitted for your custom programmed hearing aids. Once they have been fitted and you are comfortable, you take them home for a 30-day trial period. Once you’re able to engage in conversations again, it will change your life.

“If people aren’t hearing well, it upsets them and their family members. They start to feel isolated and alone. They can’t participate fully in life. Hearing loss has been correlated with early dementia,” Rakov said. “We want to help people live their lives, socialize, eat at restaurants, and go the theater and the movies. People drop out of life because they can’t hear. They can become depressed and sad. We are focused on helping them hear again. We want them to be able to enjoy their lives. Hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. We want people to participate in life.”

For more information about Brookline Hearing Services or to schedule an appointment, please call 617-232-1299 or email The office is located at 1842 Beacon St., Suite 403, at the corner of Englewood Avenue near Cleveland Circle. The office is on the fourth floor, accessible by an elevator. There is handicapped parking and a ramp entrance into the building. They are also T accessible by the C green line train, at the Englewood stop.