Wells Fargo is Making it Happen in downtown Akron

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Wells Fargo’s Business Banking and Middle Market banking teams use a localized approach to deliver products and services to help businesses succeed financially, including credit, cash management, risk management, employee benefits, succession, and wealth management.

The business moved into 222 S. Main (O’Neil’s Building) in February 2018. Downtown Akron Partnership sat down with Jason Sutton, Regional Vice President and Group Head and Nicole Dix, Vice President-Customer Service Manager, for lunch at Bricco to learn about their move to downtown Akron.

How do you like being in downtown Akron?

We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of an exciting time for Akron. This is an opportunity not only from a business perspective to be present and active in the market, but as well as our team members to be more involved in the community.

While we have been in the market for a while, I think being downtown provides more visibility for our business and showcases our commitment to the market. Our team members are doing tremendous things in the community and that is exciting for us as we continue to make an impact. It is obviously important for us as a company to be successful from a business perspective, but it’s equally as important to be a strong corporate and community partner as well.

Are you seeing any difficulty with clients traveling to downtown to see you?

Not at all. We typically try to go to our clients instead of having them come to us, however if a customer would like to visit the new space it is easy to come downtown. Parking in our building is very accessible and we are within walking distance to a lot of the attractions. From our experience, people want to come downtown and see the city and the changes underway because they don’t often have a chance to visit otherwise.

How many people work in this office?

It varies day-to-day. Currently, our office serves primarily as a Wholesale Banking office consisting of Middle Market and Business Banking. Although we have offices in Cleveland and Akron, we really operate as one cohesive market to best utilize our various resources. Because of that, we have team members and internal product partners coming through daily. We do have space for growth and that is absolutely our intent!

Has it been easy to find talent in Akron?

I don’t ever think it’s easy to find top talent, regardless of the market you operate in. We have very high standards for our team members and we take pride in the talent that we have. When we were looking to grow our office here we really wanted to take our time and hire people who have the same vision and values as our organization while having a strong connection to the community. Tracy Dowe is a great example of that. Tracy is an Akron graduate and a member of last year’s Leadership Akron class. Similar to all of our local team members, Tracy is a primary example of someone who is committed to our community and is exactly the kind of dynamic leader we need.

You mentioned you have room to grow. Will you be growing soon?

We hope so. As we continue to utilize our capabilities to help our clients succeed financially, growth will come. It’s exciting to think about where we can be and what our presence will look like over the next five, ten, or twenty years.

Have you or your team had a chance to get out and explore the downtown Akron scene?

Absolutely. We’ve done a few things as a group, most recently getting a suite at Canal Park for a RubberDucks game. A few of us experienced the marathon, some have been to the Civic Theatre, we also have an event with the Akron Orchestra coming up. I know our team loves the zoo and the art museum. There are a variety of attractions; which we enjoy taking advantage of including the big-city amenities and everything Akron has to offer.

Do employees use the towpath?

Yes, on nice days some of our team members like to walk the towpath since it is so close to the office. It’s so convenient for us and another benefit to being where we are.

What do you see as Akron’s next move?

I think about it a lot like Wells Fargo’s growth in Northeast Ohio. Since we originally founded the office in 2004 with two team members, we have made significant progress on establishing ourselves in the marketplace. This progress has been similar to the community growth in Akron. It is important to realize where we are, and be excited about the next five to ten years by taking advantage of the opportunity to be at the forefront of this grow. We can make this as great as we want it to be and together, as a community, we can make it happen.

What do you think is unique about Akron?

Akron has many distinctive qualities that make it unique when compared to other cities. Not only is it a great place to do business, but it is also somewhere where you can be a part of a thriving community. For a smaller town, the rich history and various cultural attractions are special and crucial to helping us tell our story to attract more residents and companies to allow us to grow. I believe that like our business here in Akron, the city is in a strong position for the future and I am excited for what is to come.

The views expressed present the opinions of the author on prospective trends and related matters in middle market banking trends as of this date, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Wells Fargo & Co., its affiliates and subsidiaries.  

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