Summa Health provides moms special support

At Summa Health, we believe every birth is special. Our goal is to provide the comfort, convenience and peace of mind you expect from one of the region’s safest places to give birth, as demonstrated by three consecutive awards from the Ohio Patient Safety Institute. Summa offers private rooms with bathrooms, compassionate care and extended support — many reasons why an average of 4,000 babies a year are born at our hospitals.

We offer all our moms:

  • Midwifery
  • Birthing balls
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Kangaroo care (skin-to-skin contact of mother/baby)
  • On-site lactation specialist support
  • Low-risk birthing room with little medical intervention

Our new birthing center at Akron Campus features:

  • 89,591 square feet of space
  • 17 labor and delivery rooms
  • 36 private suites
  • 22-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed by Akron Children’s Hospital neonatologists
  • Two family reception areas
  • One of the few Level III perinatal centers for high-risk pregnancies in the region
  • Baby-Friendly designation

Our Barberton Campus offers:

  • 10 private rooms where moms can labor, deliver and recover
  • In-house physician coverage available 24/7

In an effort to support a healthy beginning for all mothers and babies, Summa Health System – Akron Campus pursued and earned recognition as a Baby-Friendly designated birth facility, and our Barberton Campus is on its way to its full designation as well. Baby-Friendly designated hospitals help provide the extra education and support new moms need to successfully breastfeed their babies. The five-year designation comes after a rigorous review of a specific set of evidence-based criteria that are proven to improve breastfeeding success and, ultimately, health outcomes.

While research shows that breastfeeding really is best for the baby, there are mothers who opt to formula-feed their infants and Summa supports these moms as well. Many of the initiatives supported by Baby-Friendly aid all mothers.

Summa is well known for its skin-to-skin program, “Let’s Stay Together,” where a newborn remains in close contact with the mother for the first hour after birth. Skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth helps regulate body temperature, slows the baby’s heart rate and promotes a smooth transition for babies from the womb to the outside world. Summa is also a major advocate of 24-hour “rooming-in” to reduce separation of mother and newborn after birth.  

All mothers who choose to deliver their babies at Summa Health will have a special, supportive and unique delivery experience, offering all patients continued support and prenatal education to give every baby his or her best start in life.

Go on a virtual tour with the interactive experiences below or schedule an in-person tour by visiting or calling 800-237-8662.