Are you an Aleteia reader? You no longer have any excuse not to learn a language!

“Catholic” means “universal.” For many people, especially priests, religious, missionaries, and even some lay people, being Catholic also means leaving their own land and learning a new language, so as to live their vocation alongside brothers and sisters in other countries and cultures.

In order to help missionaries to learn languages, ProLingua International was born 25 years ago in Rome, near St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. This institute has brought the most innovative language learning techniques into the ecclesial realm.

Taking a new step in its history, ProLingua International is now presenting a totally innovative idea: the possibility of learning a new language anywhere in the world, using Rosetta Stone®—a dedicated on-line language learning platform—with the support of ProLingua.

This method makes it possible to learn a language at any time of day, year-round, at your own desktop computer (Windows or Mac), tablet, or smartphone, all for one price.

This service, available for readers of, allows you to learn a language in an intuitive, natural, and fun way that combines images, sounds, and words.

“In our course, you don’t study, you speak!” explained Freddy Nicolas, director and founder of ProLingua. His goal is to “transform every moment of the day into a fun and dynamic learning experience.”

You can take advantage of this offer visiting the following page: