38 years’ worth of granting wishes: How A Wish Come True brings joy to children in RI and MA

Wishes do come true for kids in Rhode Island and Massachusetts suffering from life-threatening illnesses. 

Sixteen-year-old Olivia got to go to Disney World with her family and her mom said she cried quite a few happy tears on that trip. Nathan, age five, loves to play with his brothers, and his wish came true when he got a huge swing set and clubhouse in the backyard. And Amanda, Andrew’s mom, says that her son’s granted wish to go to Edaville Railroad and then to Disney also got those happy tears flowing. 

“It is hard to encompass all of the emotions felt during Andrew’s wish come true,” Amanda said. “This was our family’s first vacation and it was filled with so much joy and happiness forming loving memories to last a lifetime. I wish I could have captured all of Andrew’s joy, excitement and laughter in a bottle to cherish forever.”

All of this was possible thanks to A Wish Come True.

Decades of helping local children’s dreams come true

Cherished experiences and memories just like Amanda’s happen over and over again because of A Wish Come True, the oldest wish-granting organization in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. In the 38 years they’ve been granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses ages 3 to 18, they’ve helped more than 1,600 families find joy.

Also, because A Wish Come True has very little overhead costs, donor support will go directly to the local children and families served in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There are no income qualifications required of recipients.

So many wishes, so many happy kids

A Wish Come True grants up to 35 wishes per year. The most popular wish? A magical trip to Disney World. Other wishes have included shopping sprees, sports-related experiences and visits to meet celebrities.

Brendon met his baskeball hero Isaiah Thomas and even attended a Celtics’ practice session. Bobby got to watch the Patriots win the Super Bowl, and Emma, age 11, got up close to her favorite comic book heroes when A Wish Come True flew her entire family to ComicCon in San Diego.

For kids like six-year-old Armstrong, who doesn’t have use of his arms or legs, a granted wish gave him the ability to use his eyes to operate a new computer, opening up a whole new world through technology.

All of these granted wishes provide kids and their families with a respite from thinking about all of their medical tests, treatments and the stress and sadness that come from living with a life-threatening illness.

How you can help make a child’s wish come true

Each wish costs between $5,000 and $7,000 to grant, and the families pay absolutely nothing out of their own pockets for travel, lodging or even spending money. A Wish Come True’s primary source of funding are donations from corporations and individuals.

There are many volunteer opportunities for your consideration, including Wish Granting and volunteering at the office or events. You can help bring joy to a local child going through a life-threatening illness, and help make their wishes come true.

A Wish Come True, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization founded on October 8, 1982. Our mission is to grant medically qualified children between the ages of 3 through 18 “one memorable wish.” A Wish Come True, Inc. was the first organization of its kind in Rhode Island. It started with 12 wishes and now provides 30 a year. Visit us online to learn more.