Innovative technology is critical to top-notch care

Entrepreneurial expert Robert Herjavec and optometrist Dr. Tessa Sokol discuss how eye care practices can adopt innovative products for better patient care and business growth.

Eye care professionals face a unique challenge: At times, patients become accustomed to a small, but noticeable, level of discomfort in their contact lenses. Patients rarely bring it up during visits, potentially because they believe some level of discomfort is to be expected. In turn, providers may run on autopilot when interacting with patients, continuing to offer the same lenses without discussing new options or products. 

To break this cycle and improve the patient experience, longtime eye care professional Dr. Tessa Sokol urges providers to not only ask their patients the right questions, but also to stay on top of new and innovative technology that can better meet patients’ needs. These products can not only improve a patient’s quality of care and life, but they can also help the practice’s reputation and bottom line. “The patient’s priority may be comfort, and we put it below vision,” says Sokol. “What’s important to the patient—comfort—we need to make important to us as well and make it one of our top priorities.”

To create an opportunity for eye care professionals to meet and exceed patient expectations, Alcon, the global leader in eye care, created the TOTAL® family of contact lenses, which features proprietary Water Gradient technology that allows eye care providers to offer total comfort and care to patients. “When you have contact lenses that achieve almost 100% water on the surface of the lens, that really improves the comfort for the patient,” says Sokol. “They come to us now having an increased expectation of what we can offer them in contact lens comfort and vision.”

In the video above, Sokol and business expert Robert Herjavec discuss navigating technology innovations for better—and quicker—quality of care.

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